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Transfusi Prc Dan Wbc Normal Range

transfusi prc dan wbc normal range

Transfusi Prc Dan Wbc Normal Range ->

Transfusi Prc Dan Wbc Normal Range

Fresh frozen plasma (FFP). 3.3: Blood products. Each component is stored under ideal conditions (e.g. Platelets are stored in temperature-controlled incubators (2024C) with constant agitation (refrigerated platelets are rapidly removed from the circulation). The use of blood components in clinical practice is covered in Chapters 7 to 10. Blood component therapy makes clinical sense as most patients require a specific element of blood, such as red cells or platelets, and the dose can then be optimised. Selection of platelets for patients of other ABO groups is summarised in Table 3.2. However, much larger doses may be needed to produce therapeutic levels of coagulation factors and volume overload is a significant clinical problem. Table 3.2 Platelets from pooled buffy coats. Fibrinogen concentrate (Factor I) is, at present, only licensed in the UK for the treatment of congenital hypofibrinogenaemia but there is encouraging international experience of its effectiveness in the much more common setting of acquired hypofibrinogenaemia (e.g. Specifications of blood components. The UK Departments of Health recommend that patients born on or after 1 January 1996 should only receive plasma sourced from countries with a low risk of vCJD. Plasma derivatives. FFP carries a significant risk of severe allergic reactions (see Chapter 5) and should not be used as a plasma volume expander. Platelets are produced in two ways (see Tables 3.2 and 3.3):. Table 3.4 Fresh frozen plasma. When RhD-incompatible platelets have to be given, administration of anti-D immunoglobulin may prevent immunisation. At the final bedside check, the donation number and other details on the compatibility label must match those on the blood pack label and the patient details must exactly match those on the recipients ID band (see Chapter 4 for detailed discussion of safe blood administration). Irradiated platelets. Plasma components of the same ABO group should be transfused to patients wherever possible. Method Not Allowed .. Table 3.3 Platelets from apheresis donation. 4bc16de163

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